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  1. We now return
  2. I think its actually hysterical
  3. it smells like ass in this bathroom
  4. how are you
  5. peach coke 10/10
  6. Is this sad?
  7. imagine going through life
  8. just ate food
  10. trump wont be reelected
  11. Anybody want my autograph?
  12. What A Proud Mama I Am
  13. Pic of me joining stars Saturday
  14. I hate find me
  15. *nuts on Leah*
  16. Can I use the grease in your hair
  17. AntonB
  18. GUYS
  19. My cortana doesn’t work anymore
  20. I really played an extremely well social game
  21. How does it feel to beat obesity?
  22. Haven't had a gifting shop in months
  23. Hey guys
  24. Help me vote in stars
  25. I’m joining stars today
  26. the priorities of a grownup
  27. For the past 4 years
  28. I see "fuck boston"
  30. I’ll gift you again
  31. If I join survivor
  32. Birkaran.
  33. I have to poop
  34. Joe Pati.
  35. i found
  36. anybody here
  37. I stand with kelly and nicky.
  38. The biggest racist on tengaged
  39. if anybody needs me
  40. anybody here

ok i am done keeping quiet

May 21, 2019 by maturo
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nah your tits are probably bigger
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