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  1. I like you Alf, go home.
  2. Need a movie to watch?
  3. My gums are bleeding
  4. Hey.. uh
  5. PYN for an opinion
  6. Who wants to watch porn
  7. cock
  8. Anybody here
  9. I plan a fucking heist.
  10. +150
  11. Happy Birthday Josh!
  12. Posting for 500 ts
  13. Coming out
  14. *bows in front of a live studio audience*
  15. Tengaged 7 wonders
  16. I am wearing black for Emz
  17. the other day
  18. i got my ears pierced at claires
  19. Regarding my past on tengaged
  21. PYN if you can relate
  22. one of the most loyal people
  24. Plus this blog
  25. dear tengaged
  26. let me be real for a second
  27. what do you call a dog with autism?
  29. I am the funniest person on tengaged
  30. For every 30 points
  31. There’s nothing I dislike more
  32. I think I have that illness
  33. Stars 888 closing thoughts
  34. What’s your name?
  35. ok i am done keeping quiet
  36. if jessica graf is on BB all stars
  37. for every 50 points
  38. important stars information
  39. remember when u called me a pedo
  40. thanks for the save


Apr 19, 2019 by maturo
is the type of guy to hunt you down and put a bounty on you if you pass him in shops


i think he's jealous of you
Sent by mtndewman89,Apr 19, 2019
i cant comment on his blogs no more just like his mom is breathing no more
Sent by homerun1013,Apr 19, 2019
Maybe you should stop blogging about LittleMix and worry about yourself maturo.
Sent by Jenna2010,Apr 19, 2019
and maybe you shouldn't stick your nose into someone elses business without knowing the full story jenna2010
Sent by maturo,Apr 19, 2019
I can comment on any blog I please maturo.
Sent by Jenna2010,Apr 19, 2019

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