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  1. I have to poop
  2. thank you
  3. 50 TS RAYBANS
  4. hey friends
  5. since bryce's bff just stole from my shop
  6. Running away from home tomorrow
  7. just bought a raffle ticket
  8. I care way more about a game
  9. why does leah relate so much to this
  11. leaving tengaged
  12. Super late
  13. can you COCACOLA__96 me?
  14. Can we ban people
  15. someone removed my blog
  16. ty for the gift
  17. wnana date
  18. I am available now
  19. idk about you guys
  20. Yath Sis.
  21. I take tengaged very seriously.
  22. let it be known
  23. There's a difference
  24. my face
  26. my night
  27. nightly reminder
  28. please check ur inbox
  29. for the people voting in stars
  30. :~)
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  33. anybody from NYC
  34. I am online now
  35. Daily reminder
  36. retiring for the night
  37. hello all
  38. is design labs broken?
  39. you're obsessed with me
  40. just gifted from a walkie talkie

If nerdybone can share his story

17thMar 13, 2019 by maturo
imageSo can I.

For those unaware, peace123 and I are friends irl. On top of Stars he has also,

- graduated top of his class at Columbia university
- volunteers weekends at soup kitchen
- full time week day nurse at children’s hospital
- has 3 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats
- currently writing a memoir about his moms life as she battles illness

On top of all of this, he remains a good friend and nice person.

Please support him in stars


He saved my cat from being kidnapped before
Sent by GoodKaren,Mar 13, 2019
LMFAO how did I not see this I'm cackling this is all tea support me
Sent by peace123,Mar 14, 2019

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