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  1. Hey how ya doing, Joe here.
  2. You join 5 frooks a day
  3. omg
  4. WHOA!
  5. If I get banned over this comment
  6. Level TV Star! 馃挋
  7. anybody wanna call all night long?
  8. + if I am a skinny legend
  9. me in 2nd grade
  10. question
  11. me leaving a gifting chat
  13. ur a slow gifter
  14. who likes my new glasses?
  15. your last 6 gifts
  16. anyone wanna date?
  18. i can confirm
  19. anybody wanna chit chat?
  20. Ill ask again
  21. can I be your next 2/15
  22. throwback
  23. wanna date again
  24. happy valentina ninjohn's day!
  25. Dear Anthony,
  26. my love for you cannot be beaten
  27. anybody wanna g4g
  28. Who is rank 608?
  29. new blog pic, thoughts?
  30. anybody cool wanna be first page friends..?
  31. Bored so post your birthday
  32. I'm getting a shop tomorrow
  33. Who wants a gift?
  34. anyone wanna join vivor?
  35. Hey Anthony McFarmland
  36. Should I perm ban?
  37. PYN for an opinion
  38. Hey guys I鈥檓 back from my break
  39. I hope yall have a good day :)
  40. New blog pic

hey fatty

Dec 8, 2018 by maturo
add this blog to your collage itsalexia

You literally ended our friendship over something that was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS so now you get to deal with me with no admin to report me to :(

Just because the scale tells you to "get the fuck off of me" whenever you try to weigh yourself doesn't mean you have to take it out on us here on


always shoving his FAT ASS oven mitt hands into business they shouldn't be in!
Sent by peace123,Dec 8, 2018
i removed u from my friends list lol
Sent by ItsAlexia,Dec 8, 2018
and refused to talk to me and negged all my blogs and talked shit about me in chats and we both know that if I didn't call her out then you wouldn't have given a shit! @itllsiexia
Sent by maturo,Dec 8, 2018
i never talked about you in other chats, i said everything i wanted to say directly to you
Sent by ItsAlexia,Dec 8, 2018
wow rly its alexia talking about people in chats? what a pussy lmao..
Sent by peace123,Dec 8, 2018

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