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  1. one more thing before I log off
  2. What’s your name?
  3. ok i am done keeping quiet
  4. if jessica graf is on BB all stars
  5. for every 50 points
  6. important stars information
  7. remember when u called me a pedo
  8. thanks for the save
  10. I wasn't going to say anything
  11. best looking MLB players
  12. anybody want to have a bromance?
  13. i need my 5th stars win
  14. hey guys its sam ham here
  15. Just had one of the best nights of my life...
  16. i just coughed so hard
  17. milkisgood you truly are vile
  18. Anyone want me to be nice to them
  19. My boner ripped my pants again
  20. neg it and it goes away
  21. mathboy9 is fat and ugly
  22. please sign my petition
  23. updated list
  24. tag yourself
  25. My boner ripped my pants
  26. pull through for joe maturo
  27. Apparently I spammed Eilish out
  28. Dear Evan
  29. Daily reminder
  30. New pic
  31. anybody out there
  32. It’s time for America’s vote!
  33. Hey girlfriend
  34. Big Bang Theory Spoilers
  35. my last name isn't Pati
  36. nevermind not doing pyn anymore
  37. He seems taking tengaged very seriously
  38. #MyPresident
  39. Joining stars
  40. ever since I joined this website

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Nov 12, 2018 by maturo
I will send nudes through the email

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