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  1. I saw that
  2. I have to drag eilish real quick.
  3. I could’ve gotten to merge
  4. You evicted me in stars in 2014
  5. Still online are ya?
  6. Please stop tagging me as sluttiest
  8. Can you hear me?
  9. How does it feel
  11. pyn for an honest opinion
  12. making fun of bryan jones
  13. Me on call
  14. Bored in my dads office
  15. Wanna be my boyfriend?
  16. I AM FUMING!
  17. uh.. buzz? we missed the truck!
  18. i love it when
  19. Just a reminder
  20. just withdrew from the shops game
  21. the red sox won today
  22. SO Let Me Get This Straight
  23. Long Island
  24. How are you online right now
  25. shut the fuck up arris
  26. anyone out there
  27. you know your team sucks
  28. #TeamCiTy
  29. littlemix
  30. I love seeing people on the blogs page
  31. holy shit
  32. if this blog reaches 350 points
  33. The sims 4.
  34. i have an attitude.
  35. got 3 stock left
  36. 4️⃣/1️⃣8️⃣/1️⃣9️⃣❤
  37. my avi gives me a big boner
  38. hello
  39. I AM FUMING!
  40. Current gift list

Ur sitting there

Nov 8, 2018 by maturo
Lying to yourself

I tried to talk to you and work with you but you took everything I said and turned it against me. city

I had no choice but to counter your idiotic ass because I couldn’t trust you. If you had just actually listened to what I had to say, we could’ve got “Bryce Keesh” out...


Maturo, you made me a fake set and then wanted to pretend to work with me so I would change my counter off of you. It could've possibly worked if you didn't care so much about remaining anonymous. Sorry but I'm not gonna sit there and let you have exactly what you want. You've been a straight up unfair ass clown to me in the past and for me to have trust issues when it comes to you should be beyond understandable.
Sent by CiTy,Nov 9, 2018

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