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It's not about "the past month"

2ndOct 18, 2018 by maturo
It's about what you did on @brxan leading up to the well deserved perm you received.

90 days is 90 days, not 44. brxanna


What did he do maturo
Sent by owlb0ned,Oct 19, 2018
owlb0ned hacked cheated blackmailed, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t help Bryce sell stars wins
Sent by kwiens18,Oct 19, 2018
kwiens18 this happened 3 months ago, when moderation wasn’t a big deal. I’m confused as to why you’re so stubborn and won’t let us have another chance? You never complained when the accounts helped you. I mean, I like you... but don’t ruin that.
Sent by BryceMinaj,Oct 19, 2018
I have proof from the beginning of August when moderation WAS a thing. bryceminaj.

You had multiple chances and you blew it.
Sent by maturo,Oct 19, 2018
@BryceManaj Because so many people have played this site fairly for so long. You made this site go from bad to terrible. You stole from people and showed 0 remorse while you did it. Honestly you are the name of what made this site go from bad to terrible in the Dark days, and seeing you back takes away a lot of hope people had seeing moderation return.
Sent by greyconverse,Oct 19, 2018
Sent by greyconverse,Oct 19, 2018
Do you have any idea how long I went through this site scared to even click a link that wasn't I don't see any kind of sympathy or appolgy to everyone you stole from. Fuck off with acting like you don't know why your hated
Sent by greyconverse,Oct 19, 2018

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