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  1. back from my shower
  2. girl
  3. gonna go shower
  4. whose screenname do u think this belongs to?
  5. my best friend growing up
  6. gifting a female design soon
  7. roses are red
  8. since every design I post in shops is ugly
  9. If you wanna ban me
  10. im ignoring a tengager currently
  11. No title
  12. and if anybody asks
  13. our avatars speak the truth.
  14. This is my call for help.
  15. all i want
  16. posting this in my shop
  17. need new first page friends
  18. Just removed myself from 1984.
  19. yea girl
  20. just sent a tengager money
  21. Can we please ban Passionfruit
  22. is it bannable
  23. Can you ban kelly0512 next?
  24. Gonna go shower
  25. guess the tengager
  26. ranking my first page of friends
  28. “Aww, you guys! Come on!”
  29. It’s 3:09 AM
  31. next 3 people to buy
  32. Time for honesty.
  33. Just a reminder
  34. what should I post first?
  35. I have always been anti multis
  36. I want you to know
  37. would u buy this in shops?
  38. My favorite person on tengaged
  39. do u ever really want ginger beer
  40. met lexeyjane [pic]

Duo stars!

Oct 17, 2018 by maturo
maturo / eliortiz1234
bengalboy / justme
m_davis1998 / tj2807
halloween / his boyfriend of the week
carsonl / calebdaboss
lemjam6 / cya sheep of the week
fighterman / danielledonato
gigi10 / Robert Osuna’s fist

Who wins?


wow duchess and i not casted what a missed oppurtunity
Sent by koolness234,Oct 17, 2018
probably halloween's boyfriend of the week but idk
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 17, 2018
carsonl / calebdaboss
Sent by Brayden_,Oct 17, 2018
We want to make it fair for everyone else @kiolness234
Sent by maturo,Oct 17, 2018
XxLoveWakizaxX and myself
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Oct 17, 2018
That’s true wannabeefriends

You guys are first ballot for s2
Sent by maturo,Oct 17, 2018
Sent by M_Davis1998,Oct 17, 2018
Bengal and just me would win
Sent by ThebestlerHoH,Oct 17, 2018

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