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One thing that I am annoyed about

Oct 16, 2018 by maturo
is how people need to "come out" for having autism. Like I have always known I had disabilities. I was always in the mainstream classes where there were teaching aids and I took "study skills" instead of a foreign language from junior high to the end of high school. I was always classified as a "retard" because of my IEP and my inability to control my anger.

Luckily, my liaison and my lawyer were able to send me to a therapeutic boarding school (which is where I was from Nov 15 - March 16) It turned my life around and made me an all around better person.

I am not going to blame my autism or other disabilities for my past actions, but just know that I am getting all the help I need to become a better human. Whether its a psychiatrist for my medication, therapy to take control of my problems or even a nutritionist to help modify my eating habits and make me feel better.

and yes, perhaps you've heard other tengagers say I threw my headphones at a wall over a frookies game. I can confirm that my headphones were chucked at a wall. Not over a frookies, or anything tengaged related... I was in my study skills class (or what eyoomarcus calls, "retard class") and we would always have the last hour of the last school day of the month to bring xbox or play station games from home and play. If you violated class rules more than 3 times (the classic 3 strike rule) then you were disqualified from the game hour. One kid got like 7 fucking strikes and still managed to get to play with us. Yeah I was pissed and I threw the nearest thing I could find.

Call me a sped or a retard or anything you want. That's what my school life was like and I am not afraid to admit it. I am no different from any of you and all myself and everyone else out there with mental disabilities want is to be accepted.


+++ you're doing great
Sent by Birks4444,Oct 16, 2018
Sent by NotNicky333,Oct 16, 2018
Honestly I barely even notice when ppl have autism, everyone can get a little crazy sometimes
Sent by Russell11,Oct 16, 2018
luv you i’m glad everythings getting better
Sent by ashszoke,Oct 16, 2018

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