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  1. ranking best looking MLB players
  2. Pic of me
  3. Since you like to tell your friends
  4. The only time when you see
  5. The younger the better
  6. Instead of barrel roll
  7. I’m basically the messiah
  8. Minus fifteen
  9. I’d respect you
  10. EVAA1996.
  11. Really Leah? Knocking me when I'm down, crying,..
  12. If I take a picture of my ding-a-ling
  13. I’m super horny
  14. You are fat
  15. who tf
  16. My favorite character from friends
  17. “Hacked”
  18. malachite oh five
  19. Haven’t bought ts in a week
  20. 15th blog about ItsAlexia
  21. At McDonald’s
  22. Whichever tengager
  24. Sending my nudes out on snap
  25. Incase anyone is wondering
  26. My snap is alwys open
  27. Do u like me?
  28. Anybody wanna see me naked?
  29. I’m naked from the waist down.
  30. Sorry for quitting your Skype game
  31. Chia Pets are a rip-off
  32. Morning all
  33. Where is the POV comp?
  34. No title
  35. ELI “ORTIZ”
  36. I’m horny
  37. Word on the street
  38. (Pic of me taking my meds)
  39. Charity para littlemix
  40. Damnit!

id make a blog

Oct 13, 2018 by maturo
with every single thing jenzie has ever said to me that was insulting and degrading but tbh the millz will just remove it LOL whats the point in any of this anymore.

You're not a nice person. You're a whiny bitch with people who will bow down to you and THAT is the only reason you have anybody on your side.

Loves how ever since admin came back, ur constant harassing of me stopped!

but I mean go ahead and bring up my past as the sole reason why you act the way you do. Doesn't take a way from the fact you are a god fucking awful person. Stop trying to drop positivity everywhere.


She's cool but that group of friends that twiddle their thumbs anxiously waiting for her to give them their next command is full of a bunch of annoying personality-less, mind numbing wanna be popular kids
Sent by zakisaboss,Oct 13, 2018

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