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  1. pic of me tomorrow
  2. this is Bob, he darned the barn.
  3. no more frooks tonight
  4. If you think about it
  5. I will be returning to the shops game
  6. PYN for an opinion
  7. OMG NO!
  8. Looking for a new #1 friend
  9. can u
  10. Believe it or not
  11. I'm 21 years of age
  12. who is the best words player on tg
  13. imagine being manny machado
  14. F•R•I•E•N•D•S
  15. Ahoy Spongeboi!
  16. honestly
  17. stop being racist its not cool
  18. I think my nose just passed a kidney stone
  19. posting this in my shop
  20. can anyone tell me
  21. UPDATE
  22. UPDATE
  23. never buying ts again
  24. what's the difference
  25. I fed my dog today
  26. What Goes Through Peoples Heads
  27. I’m the funniest guy on the internet
  28. If you left tengaged
  29. Fakes
  30. Reminder
  31. Wanna be my tengaged girlfriend?
  32. .ES BACK☑️☑️
  33. Going to bed
  35. Geez, why is this being negged?
  36. Just got voted out of vivor
  37. I will make sure
  38. supporting
  39. George Michael could NEVER
  40. live footage

How do you get banned

Sep 18, 2018 by maturo
For deformation of character?

It sounds sexy


I don't get it either because who's to say these people even have good character? Lol
Sent by Iceey,Sep 18, 2018
By taking tengaged some what seriously and not very seriously
Sent by astone929,Sep 18, 2018
Defamation of character is such bull shit on here. Watch some People's court and comeback and tell me how it can be punishable on here. Legit people believe the bullshit they say.

Protect yourself and say "in my oppinion ...." so then its freedom of speech.
Sent by heatherlum,Sep 18, 2018
Sent by me2013__,Sep 18, 2018

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