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  2. I’m basically the messiah
  3. Minus fifteen
  4. I’d respect you
  5. EVAA1996.
  6. Really Leah? Knocking me when I'm down, crying,..
  7. If I take a picture of my ding-a-ling
  8. I’m super horny
  9. You are fat
  10. who tf
  11. My favorite character from friends
  12. “Hacked”
  13. malachite oh five
  14. Haven’t bought ts in a week
  15. 15th blog about ItsAlexia
  16. At McDonald’s
  17. Whichever tengager
  19. Sending my nudes out on snap
  20. Incase anyone is wondering
  21. My snap is alwys open
  22. Do u like me?
  23. Anybody wanna see me naked?
  24. I’m naked from the waist down.
  25. Sorry for quitting your Skype game
  26. Chia Pets are a rip-off
  27. Morning all
  28. Where is the POV comp?
  29. No title
  30. ELI “ORTIZ”
  31. I’m horny
  32. Word on the street
  33. (Pic of me taking my meds)
  34. Charity para littlemix
  35. Damnit!
  36. I saw that
  38. Mountain Dieu frat
  39. Doesn’t matter the time of day
  40. The houseguest to be banished, is....

How do you get banned

Sep 18, 2018 by maturo
For deformation of character?

It sounds sexy


I don't get it either because who's to say these people even have good character? Lol
Sent by Iceey,Sep 18, 2018
By taking tengaged some what seriously and not very seriously
Sent by astone929,Sep 18, 2018
Defamation of character is such bull shit on here. Watch some People's court and comeback and tell me how it can be punishable on here. Legit people believe the bullshit they say.

Protect yourself and say "in my oppinion ...." so then its freedom of speech.
Sent by heatherlum,Sep 18, 2018
Sent by me2013__,Sep 18, 2018

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