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  1. My pet was hit by a car last night
  2. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  4. always online
  5. are u gonna steal from me
  6. Bryce Keesh
  7. sometimes
  8. Taylor Swift still sucks
  9. addiction is a serious problem
  10. I am obsessed with tengaged
  11. I don’t mean to be prejudice or whatever
  12. Want head?
  13. My penis is burning
  14. I have no respect for you.
  15. Imagine
  16. I can’t wait to evict you all
  17. James Holzhauer.
  18. You’re a hero here on tengaged
  19. omg??
  20. Anybody want a gift from
  21. I stuck my penis in the fireplace
  22. BB21 WINNER
  23. PYN
  25. Andy Herren going off on Jeff
  26. I have an anxiety boner
  27. 81 days ago
  28. tengagers at my house rn
  29. Tengagers with my phone number
  30. i have an idea
  31. Just accidentally te an olive
  32. multi
  33. Today was a good day
  34. i love u both
  35. idk wtf i just posted
  36. NEW FRAT
  37. coming out
  38. He was clearly hacked
  39. can we be friends
  40. Pic of Eilish going outside

I’m surprised

Sep 17, 2018 by maturo
Jaylen didn’t do more to prevent himself from going up in stars

I mean I’ve played a few long games with him and he never sleeps or goes outside so it shouldn’t have been that hard to talk to people when you have literally every waking moment of the day free!


Sent by peace123,Sep 17, 2018
hes really nice dont attack him
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 17, 2018
Leave him alone bitch
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 17, 2018
How many shirts did you sell today? Greetings to your mother, tomorrow I visit her again maturo
Sent by Jaylen,Sep 18, 2018

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