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I Am Nervous To Post This,

Sep 6, 2018 by maturo
imageThis was a photo I took a couple months ago at a friends house! On any social media, I rarely post any photos but I decided to come out of my shy box and share a photo! I originally also stated to ak73 that Aaliyah was not actually my name. However, it actually is my name it's just that I did not want it to be too good to be true that someone is named Aaliyah -> truly loves the singer, thus I am fake, etc. I apologize for not speaking up about this earlier, however I just felt no one would believe me.

During TRS I did state that I felt I did not have to go on calls throughout the game, which is true. I have no obligation to prove myself at any point or do something that someone asks me to do as I am my own person. I can speak to you as intelligently as I could over voice. I am naturally a soft spoken, keep-to-myself type of individual! I am not here to be Tengaged's Next Top Model, I am here to play games inspired by reality television shows. Let this all be a reminder to you to always be confident in yourself, never feel forced into doing anything for anyone and just be you! It has taken me a while to decide whether I wanted to personally share a photo of myself or not, so I decided I would today. :) #JustBeYourself


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