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  2. I swear I don't love the drama. It loves me.
  3. thoughts about
  4. Going to shower anyone want pics?
  5. interesting
  6. Fiona Rivera.
  7. idk what this thing is
  8. Leaving tengaged for good
  9. loves spending my life support on ts
  10. 10 year challenge! [pic]
  11. fun fact about me
  12. unenroll me from school
  13. It really sucks
  14. I am online now
  15. Buying out my shop again
  16. Back by POPULAR DEMAND.
  17. ranking movies I saw in 2018
  18. REALLY?
  19. what year was 10 years ago?
  20. who wants a gift?
  21. Are you available now?
  22. Just brushed my teeth
  23. + if I am SKINNY
  24. can you EDWARD NYGMA me?
  25. Food for thought
  26. Throwback
  27. I want to make a SUPER SONIC man out of you.
  28. which final 3 was the best?
  29. GOLIATH.
  30. what’s a “multis”
  31. Pic of me
  32. Oh grow up negging me?
  33. pic of me voting anthousai to win stars
  35. thats so funny
  36. My dog and I [PIC]
  37. idk about your house,
  38. what should I post in my shop
  39. Depressed.
  40. im moving to Georgia

Buying ts later

Aug 14, 2018 by maturo
Who wants to gift for gift


gift me haleigh background and i'll gift u a diff time i'm broke rn
Sent by Typhlosion37,Aug 14, 2018
I'd love the Haleigh design in shops, I'm missing 50 T$ but I can owe you one until I have enough T$ to buy a gift? I'll prioritize gifting you back if you don't mind!
Sent by Temeky,Aug 14, 2018
unblock me on snapchat it's important!
Sent by CiTy,Aug 14, 2018
plus it'll be my 37th gift and that's iconic...
Sent by Typhlosion37,Aug 14, 2018
gift me haleigh background and i'll gift u a diff time i'm broke rn
Sent by paul028,Aug 14, 2018

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