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While I was disconnected from

1stAug 13, 2018 by maturo
I made some money moves. I went from Boston to New York and you wouldn’t believe what happened! What started in a frooks, continues to present day. After 4 years of friendship and 2 failed attempts at getting together, I have finally met my F2, ride or die guy EliOrtiz1234.

We hung out around Times Square, went to Olive Garden and Rippley’s and had a pretty amazing time. Tomorrow we expect to spend more time together before I leave tomorrow!

These 4 years have been absolutely amazing getting to call you my best friend. This is gonna sound so gay but honestly when I met you, I was just a 15 year old weird ass lonely loser.. and now I’m 20 and we are still tight. You’ve been with me through all the breakups, all the schools and practically everything. Friends like you come around once in a lifetime. I know I’m obnoxious and messy sometimes but thank you so much for everything.

online friendships are real, don’t take them for granted. Some of the best people you meet will be online. I’m so thankful for this experience. Thank you gardenia and electric for introducing me to eli and randomize for creating this website where I met my best friend!

Sent by Marktint_1,Aug 13, 2018
Omg I'm jelly.
Sent by CiTy,Aug 13, 2018
Dope rugrats shirt
Sent by astone929,Aug 13, 2018
Aww <3
Sent by Russell11,Aug 13, 2018
aw kings
Sent by boneworks,Aug 13, 2018
gift me haleigh
Sent by Typhlosion37,Aug 13, 2018
Sent by Marchesa,Aug 13, 2018
No filter can hide Eli’s awful personality
Sent by alanb1,Aug 14, 2018
Maturo the type of dude to go on a 3 day vacation after suffering a 3 day ban on
Sent by Carsonl,Aug 14, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Aug 14, 2018
can y’all DP me
Sent by RoboZoe,Aug 14, 2018
Me @ you when I got tagged in this:

Haha jokes! Glad you two are having fun!!
Sent by Gardenia,Aug 14, 2018
Welcome back! =D
Sent by dandoe,Aug 14, 2018
so many great restaurants in nyc and u choose olive garden LMAO
Sent by coreyants,Aug 14, 2018
probably all of them will be tbh
Sent by iamremedy,Aug 14, 2018
love it!!!
Sent by PureEssence,Aug 14, 2018
AWW glad y'all had fun and got to meet!
Sent by k4r4k,Aug 14, 2018
Who bottomed?
Sent by Irelia,Aug 14, 2018
Joke this is actually really sweet < 3
Glad you had a good time !!!
Sent by Irelia,Aug 14, 2018
You came to New York and went to Olive Garden? Waste of time
Sent by Survivor8,Aug 14, 2018
happy for u
Sent by Ari_,Aug 14, 2018
survivor8 RIGHT???
Sent by AustinRules6969,Aug 14, 2018
Sent by DanielleDonato,Aug 14, 2018
eli is truly my father
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Aug 14, 2018

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