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  1. Your grammar is horrible
  2. giftting from blogs page
  3. It’s been 4 years
  4. Pic of me at the gym
  5. mood for the night
  6. I'm just a musical prostitute my dear.
  7. just an FYI
  8. spiderhitler
  9. Back from my 39 minute break
  10. Some of my best supporters
  11. Doing an assessment
  12. favorite spongebob character?
  13. Having a goodbye charity
  14. I have to poop
  15. thank you
  16. 50 TS RAYBANS
  17. hey friends
  18. since bryce's bff just stole from my shop
  19. Running away from home tomorrow
  20. just bought a raffle ticket
  21. I care way more about a game
  22. why does leah relate so much to this
  24. leaving tengaged
  25. Super late
  26. can you COCACOLA__96 me?
  27. Can we ban people
  28. someone removed my blog
  29. ty for the gift
  30. wnana date
  31. I am available now
  32. idk about you guys
  33. Yath Sis.
  34. I take tengaged very seriously.
  35. let it be known
  36. There's a difference
  37. my face
  39. my night
  40. nightly reminder

Thanks for the save!

Aug 9, 2018 by maturo
dav_o_79 but idk why you called c00ldude1000 a “slime ball fatass bitch”

He’s a nice kid? That’s just rude!


bryantandf rigs all of his games for returness
Sent by steve4280,Aug 9, 2018
Damn @dav_o_58
Sent by Marktint_1,Aug 9, 2018
U sure he didn't use fa**ot? He loves that word
Sent by _Adidas_,Aug 9, 2018

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