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  1. My penis hurts
  2. 6ft tall
  3. Having a rookies charity
  5. Pic of me losing my virginity
  6. Who won HOH this week?
  7. Rate my poll speech 1-10
  8. Mark Jansen (The Greatest Hits)
  9. I’m skinny
  10. Hate to break it to you
  11. Do you ever watch the lion king
  12. better love story than romeo and juliet
  13. Leah Watson and I
  14. Are you available now?
  16. I skipped work for stars
  17. Who wants to join my stars alliance?
  18. Scared
  19. Just got a job at McDonalds
  20. I call my penis “the spear”
  21. 3 days later
  22. just booked a hotel to play stars in
  23. who did
  24. ugh I guess I wont be joining stars
  25. coreyants be like
  26. It finally happened
  27. I saw that
  28. I’m excited for stars tomorrow
  29. Great
  30. on the 134th page of the Bible
  31. I am very horny playing this blog game
  32. I'm sorry I had to do that
  33. ur so hot when u leave me on read
  34. I voted trump
  35. ranking best looking MLB players
  36. Pic of me
  37. Since you like to tell your friends
  38. The only time when you see
  39. The younger the better
  40. Instead of barrel roll

wow thanks mr mckinley

Aug 8, 2018 by maturo
image marktint_1 sorry i forgot to check back in i have autism and i use that as an excuse for everything


this is what autistic privilege looks like
Sent by lemonface,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by Marktint_1,Aug 8, 2018

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