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  1. also
  2. Comparing Manny Machado to Yankees fans
  3. time for new #4 and #5 friends!
  4. I just kpelled the midnight crew
  5. i feel very bad
  6. To all the stupid brazilians
  7. i will take a ban for saying this
  8. Who wants to be added
  9. everyone on tg be like
  10. so this is how its gonna go down
  11. something for the females...
  12. SPONGEBOB!!!
  13. just bought 150$ worth of ts
  14. i have 336$ in loyalty points
  15. i quit ur game
  16. Imagine
  17. WTF!
  18. Am I moving on in shops game 721?
  19. just set a tengaged record
  20. that's a bit obsessive
  21. named my penis "the truth"
  23. i guess no one is getting a gift
  24. I need twitter followers
  25. by leaving tengaged
  27. Hello chick chicks.
  28. ur my hero
  29. footage of a yankees fan losing an argument
  30. I have a quest for you
  31. This is my last week on tengaged
  32. A week
  33. peace123 is the type of guy
  34. Comment “fat cunt”
  35. Remember when
  36. My comeback to Sameed
  37. just ended 2 friendships over frooks
  38. id make a blog
  39. im mad over a frookies (please read)
  40. live pic

i might be late

Jul 15, 2018 by maturo
but how did #smuguy2012 get the ban hammer...?


papibadd hacked him and they're experimenting to see if they can disconnect papi from facebook
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 15, 2018
Don't speak on things you don't know . I didn't hack him and keep my name out your mouth sister. ghrocky100
Sent by papibadd,Jul 15, 2018
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 15, 2018
you did hack him tho.. I trust kwiens18 papibadd
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 15, 2018
ONCE again speaking on something you don't know. You have no evidence that i did anything other than what the next person says which is EXACTLY he/she say gtfo. ghrocky100
Sent by papibadd,Jul 15, 2018
whatever you wanna tell yourself buddy papibadd
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 15, 2018
Oh trust me hun, I'm not telling myself anything. Cause at the end of the day you don't see banned/removed under my username, so i clearly didn't do it :) ghrocky100
Sent by papibadd,Jul 15, 2018
I can provide screenshots of our skype convo where he accepted 2000 t’s for the release of matt’s Account ghrocky100 and he still ended up keeping a back door into the account
Sent by kwiens18,Jul 15, 2018

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