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Let me get this straight

Jul 11, 2018 by maturo
gagaluv will take action and remove a picture of her daughter from someone’s profile yet when a picture of mine or someone elses house is posted on someone’s profile, she ignores it!

Wow great potential mod


maturo she doesn't have the capability to remove a picture from someone's profile.  Just saying.
Sent by Jenna2010,Jul 11, 2018
Yeah but its kinda unfair for everyone on Tengaged... I personally love Carolyn but that isnt fair if she doesnt take it upon herself to do other actions that effect people personally.
Sent by yoshicoolman,Jul 11, 2018
Jenna2010 ^
Sent by yoshicoolman,Jul 11, 2018
yoshicoolman, the point is she wasn't the one that removed the picture because she can't
Sent by Jenna2010,Jul 11, 2018
It was porn dumbass maturo
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 11, 2018
yoshicoolman it was porn
A photo of my daughter with a big dick so just shhhhh... how many post my photo?
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 11, 2018
o yikes I didnt know what LOL ew.
Just be kindful if theres other daughters with a big dick next to it remove it gagaluv
Sent by yoshicoolman,Jul 11, 2018
lol I will yoshicoolman
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 12, 2018

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