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  1. About to hop in the shower
  2. Gonna go shower
  3. guess the tengager
  4. ranking my first page of friends
  6. “Aww, you guys! Come on!”
  7. It’s 3:09 AM
  9. next 3 people to buy
  10. Time for honesty.
  11. Just a reminder
  12. what should I post first?
  13. This is getting out of hand
  14. I have always been anti multis
  15. I want you to know
  16. would u buy this in shops?
  17. My favorite person on tengaged
  18. do u ever really want ginger beer
  19. met lexeyjane [pic]
  20. remember when
  21. a list of females prettier than lexeyjane
  22. and in last place...
  23. thoughts on the MVP winner Mookie Betts
  24. imagine
  25. oh yes
  26. A tengaged girl
  27. anybody wanna be #2 friends?
  28. PYN for an opinion
  29. does anybody on tengaged wants to date me?
  30. Honestly
  31. finish making the designs for me pls :(
  32. Guess who said this
  33. Would I survive in a poll
  34. voting maturo for not playing the comp
  35. Just got fired from my job
  36. PureAssence
  37. does anybody here
  38. it took me almost 19 years
  39. me being used for gifts on
  40. me with girls

Well since

8thJul 10, 2018 by maturo
the one person I truly loved hates my guts there no point in living. He may think this is a joke but I'm honestly done getting hurt and I'm going thru so much and he was the one person I called a true friend I Will be logging of Snapchat

Other Social media I use I'm finally done with loving and Getting hurt I love all of u and I wish nothing for the "Friends" I got/ Made it it wasn't for half of y'all I wouldn't have made it to we're I was I love u all


Sent by astone929,Jul 10, 2018
I don't know you well, but sorry to hear you are hurting so much.  Happy to lend an ear if you need to talk.
Sent by Grayson10001,Jul 10, 2018
this is def a copy and paste
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 10, 2018

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