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  1. plus if im fat
  2. who needs gifters???
  3. Nightly reminder
  4. multi usage sounds unfair
  5. What is a multi?
  6. anybody want this classic jersey?
  7. any girls wanna date?
  8. please unban michaelf1114
  9. I have a shop
  10. Have we met?
  11. Pls check mails
  12. Anybody want a gift this week?
  13. Back to work
  14. What do
  15. Posted 100 ts
  16. Goodnight
  17. what team
  18. See you on the left side tengaged!
  19. tengaged should have a bad sport lobby
  20. eliortiz1234
  21. PYN
  22. Poor damo1993
  23. What is Wonkru?
  24. ???
  25. Excellent.
  26. Can’t wait to come back to shops
  27. I guess necklaces are allowed now?
  28. classic zachbbs
  29. the worst part
  31. had some time to think
  32. PYN for an anonymous opinion
  33. Actually
  34. Ban zachbbs
  35. It’s kind of iconic
  36. Can I get 150 comments?
  37. Just said goodbye to Eli...
  38. Who wants a gift from my shop Friday?
  40. I’ve been scoping out tengaged

what did caleb trimm have for lunch?

Jun 13, 2018 by maturo
3 big macs, a 10 piece mcnugget, a mcchicken deluxe, large fries, a thanksgiving turkey with extra gravy, 3 wendy's baconators, texas toast with extra butter, 3 loafs of bread, a whole pizza with 4 toppings and a can of crisco


and a potato chip.
Sent by CiTy,Jun 13, 2018
You’re literally overweight yourself.
Sent by Danger,Jun 13, 2018
no proof danger
Sent by maturo,Jun 13, 2018
what even is crisco anyway? and all i had for lunch was 2 slices of a medium pizza try again bitch
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Jun 13, 2018

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