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  1. Just got off the phone
  2. PYN
  3. Poor damo1993
  4. What is Wonkru?
  5. ???
  6. Excellent.
  7. Can’t wait to come back to shops
  8. I guess necklaces are allowed now?
  9. classic zachbbs
  10. the worst part
  12. had some time to think
  13. PYN for an anonymous opinion
  14. Actually
  15. Ban zachbbs
  16. It’s kind of iconic
  17. Can I get 150 comments?
  18. Just said goodbye to Eli...
  19. Who wants a gift from my shop Friday?
  21. I’ve been scoping out tengaged
  22. We’ve been sent good weather.
  23. I’m currently with
  24. I’m respectfully asking you
  25. Where is
  26. I’m online... AGAIN!
  27. Last chance to g4g with me
  28. Just bought ts
  29. Buying ts later
  30. While I was disconnected from
  31. rly, admin?
  32. when bae sends you cute mail <333
  33. pyn and ill mail you a bannable word
  34. I just got this mail from admin...
  35. I just reported
  36. i feel like calling
  37. omg sorry guys my laptop died
  38. its not fun to argue with jenzie anymore
  39. if u were actually a female
  40. Just got a visit from a genie

Just bought ts

Jun 13, 2018 by maturo
Who's ready for Aston Merrygold to make her return to the shops game?

ready to be knocked out and put on suicide watch again? sexgoddx


me am ready
Sent by FelipeS,Jun 13, 2018
lets do it hen
Sent by Brxan,Jun 13, 2018
weren't you suicidal at one point? idg how y'all throw that word around despite being so close to it...
Sent by Anas,Jun 13, 2018
I'm sorry anas but i dont allow negativity on my blog.
Sent by maturo,Jun 13, 2018
Maturo not trying to be, just a genuine question.
Sent by Anas,Jun 13, 2018

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