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Well, here's my final thoughts.

1stApr 16, 2018 by maturo
Another successful game of stars is in the books and it was a dramatic one to say the least.

a few closing thoughts here

I saw the cast and immediately joined after matthew09 entered since the dude is an icon and I wanted to actually get to talk to him for once and I am glad I did. One thing that strikes me as weird is that you said you were "so against the bullies" yet Lance was all buddy buddy with you in the stars house earlier. I don't know if that was a joke or if it was just Lance being his normal bipolar self.

brxan, if you hadn't BEGGED Lance to split on me, you wouldn't have been up right now but hey, no one said you were smart :?

c00ldude1000, I am not mad at you as you got me back for what happened in the last game.

bluejay7622 and oatty3, you 2 were the most honest with me in this game and I appreciate that. I hope one of you win.

Now lets get to the tea.

amnesia_ , I have been spammed out before and I have also been on the other side of the spamming. I have also multied people out and have been multied out myself. This though, what you did, was pathetic. You're impossible to talk to and you are a waste of a spot in the game. You don't have skype and all you do is sit up Lance's ass even after he nominated you. I don't see you doing well at all.

robbx2, Your true colors were really shown in this game. You said I need to fight my own battles and I can "dish it but can't take it". All I was dishing was friendly rivalry talk and you had to go and make it personal. I admit I overreacted at first but then it just got even worse. I get called fat everyday I really don't care but when you start coming after my family and then DENYING IT. That's when there is going to be issues. I NEVER trusted you in this game and that should've been blatantly obvious. I wasn't going to sit back and let Lance run this game with all his allies from Frookies. You got me out, congratulations, you never "played me" though. You can say you played better than me, but at the end of the day, I didn't have a premade in this game.

rozlyn, I never ever took you seriously. I just thought of you as a fucking joke since the only time I have ever played with you, you were too scared to come at me since you joined alone. You act all high and mighty when you have a premade of 4 in the game though. You're psychotic and bipolar and really need help. The only reason I went on a tirade at the end of the game was because you made such a big deal about getting me out and I am guaranteed for sure that you are still talking about it in the house chat. You really need mental help. Nobody is laughing with you, they all feel bad and are all laughing at you. You can post my facebook in the house chat, you can post my home address there too but at the end of the day, if you didn't have your pathetic sheep to back you up, you'd be a little twink bitch. Which is exactly why when I asked you and Rob to come on call last night and say those harsh words to my face, you didn't.

I'm not mad, rather relieved that I am out of that cancerous game. I've been a bully on tengaged before but this time I was bullied myself. I stayed classy during this whole game and you can ask anybody in the cast. There was no battle to fight which is why I didn't fight one at all.

Good luck to everyone left in the game.

edit: here is a chat log from the house chat since they want to say they never made anything personal.

[4/15/2018 5:00:34 PM] Joe (Fight Club Owner): You鈥檙e right to counter me though lance as I did lock you in. Hit me with any death threats idc
[4/15/2018 5:00:40 PM] Rozlyn / Lance: get AIDS
[4/15/2018 5:00:42 PM] Rozlyn / Lance: and die
[4/15/2018 5:00:49 PM] Joe (Fight Club Owner): Ok ty

edit x2: If you look in the game, they are talking about how I am a "racist pedophile" and they have receipts. Please post the receipts of when I called you the N word as I do not use that derogatory language since I've grown up. One of us had to and it clearly wasn't going to be you. Also, Lance. You used multis to stay and I didn't use any this time around which is why my % is higher than yours.


rozlyn is a cunt robbx2 is a cunt
Sent by Aquaria,Apr 16, 2018
Sent by sandym89,Apr 16, 2018
robbed king
Sent by Batya,Apr 16, 2018
robbed king
Sent by Batya,Apr 16, 2018
Sent by dandoe,Apr 16, 2018
robbed king
Sent by anthousai,Apr 16, 2018
robbed king
rozlyn is a cunt@ robbx2 is a cunt
Sent by TaraG,Apr 16, 2018
As much as I hate them, it's basically impossible to feel bad for you after the shit you've done to people
Sent by smuguy2012,Apr 16, 2018
When robb is away from lance hes actually pretty cool. Just sucks how his head is so far up lances ass he can see out of his mouth at least he finally admitted he was a sheep though
Sent by astone929,Apr 16, 2018
sorry u got evicted bud but smuguy2012 and robbx2 are right, you can't go around acting like some edgy racist bully then cry when people "bully" you
Sent by BengalBoy,Apr 16, 2018
almost 5 months ago bengalboy but hey whatever
thanks for finding that blog though LOL
Sent by maturo,Apr 16, 2018
LOL 5 months doesn't make you a brand new person especially when you blog about being bullied every other week when you're taking a break from bullying people. Whatever helps you sleep at night though 馃槆馃槆 PS. Not hating on you as I actually did save you lol
Sent by smuguy2012,Apr 16, 2018
People grow up and realize tengaged is just fun and games. You should try it! smuguy2012
Sent by maturo,Apr 16, 2018
Sent by AshlynArehart,Apr 16, 2018
Can confirm that most white people from Boston dont use the N word and are terrified of it so saying Maturo is racist and called people the N word is really a stretch unless you have definitive proof tbh
Sent by Rocker917,Apr 16, 2018
Thanks for the nice words maturo I was shocked to see you up, and fyi i am NOT cool with bullying and taking this game outside of tengaged. I think it's wrong and idc how any1 else feels about me saying that, I will always stand the way I feel.

When the bullying was going on, you saw me ignore it all. And not feed into any type of negativity in that game. And I actually reached out to make sure one person was okay who was being attacked, but they said it didn't bother them. So that is my truth!
Sent by Matthew09,Apr 16, 2018
:( <3
Sent by Hash,Apr 17, 2018

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