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  1. leaving tengaged
  2. Super late
  3. can you COCACOLA__96 me?
  4. Can we ban people
  5. someone removed my blog
  6. ty for the gift
  7. wnana date
  8. I am available now
  9. idk about you guys
  10. Yath Sis.
  11. I take tengaged very seriously.
  12. let it be known
  13. There's a difference
  14. my face
  16. my night
  17. nightly reminder
  18. please check ur inbox
  19. for the people voting in stars
  20. :~)
  21. Anthony
  22. meeting up
  23. anybody from NYC
  24. I am online now
  25. Daily reminder
  26. retiring for the night
  27. hello all
  28. is design labs broken?
  29. you're obsessed with me
  30. just gifted from a walkie talkie
  31. so guess the user
  32. anybody interested
  34. now that I am nominated
  35. ok a mood
  36. maturo the type of dude
  37. pyn
  38. BrunoMiguel
  39. it is comments like this

Nominated for 14th in Stars

19thApr 16, 2018 by maturo
imageI wasn't even a counter so idk what happened but anyways yeah save me over someone who doesn't have skype and is sheeping rozlyn

okay yeah that's all thanks


great work rozlyn
Sent by _Adidas_,Apr 16, 2018

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