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  1. everyone say hello to my girlfriend
  2. In the cheating scandal or whatever
  3. For every 20 points
  4. omg ty for the gift
  5. "enjoy panderosa"
  6. as the legend AJ Stone once said.
  7. Moving on.
  8. In all honesty
  9. 鉂搇ives in a 馃崓 under the 馃寠
  10. hey
  11. I鈥檓 so in love
  12. thanks for giving me something to do
  13. I take tengaged very seriously.
  14. Selling my Red Sox memorabilia
  15. the red sox are about to get no hit
  16. reconstructed my friends list
  17. when I die
  18. This is Joe's mother.
  19. I am Montana (like the state)
  20. can we please date
  21. Joining my 3rd stars in 4 weeks
  22. and the best part
  23. who wants a penis picture?
  24. whatever
  27. okay that was really fun
  28. This has been a long time coming
  29. I love the Spanish person
  30. goodnight tengaged...
  31. everyone complains
  32. sneak preview for tomorrow..
  33. 6 truths, 1 lie.
  34. trying to find a match
  35. PYN for an honest opinion.
  36. Anybody named Jessi?
  37. Thank you
  38. is the blogs page safe
  39. Since mathboy3 isn鈥檛 replying to me
  40. my favorite band is justin beiber

this is getting out of hand

8thApr 15, 2018 by maturo
I can only take so much of this shit and apparently I can "dish it but can't take it" I haven't dished anything other than friendly rivalry talk yet robbx2 and rozlyn are sitting around saying they want to rip the hair off my head and are calling my father a pedophile and my mom a whore.

I literally do not understand for the life of me what is propelling all of tengaged to obsess over rozlyn. May we remember the 5k games he has played on tengaged between 2 accounts where he has slandered the name of many tengaged participants and has sent death threats to them while looking their family up on Facebook.

You can bring up my past all you want but people change. Tonight you have shown me that after 7+ years on this website, the both of you remain the same as you were the moment you joined. psychotic.


They're not wrong.
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I never called your mama a whore ? Nor did I call your dad a pedophile. Where are you getting that shit from? Can you stop spreading lies about me ? Also, I never ever said I would rip your hairs off. Maturo.
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Maybe your dad should not be a pedo then?
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