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  1. imagine thinking
  2. I just won 500$ on a scratch ticket
  3. anybody want a gift?
  4. Just hired a maid
  5. coltrane said his first words!
  6. never mind
  8. Who wants a gift..?
  10. who wants a gift from tomorrows shop...
  11. who wants to design some items for me
  12. It鈥檚 all starting to make sense
  13. Why are people gifting
  14. really, FedEx?
  15. Why Do You Type Like This
  16. Who is joining banned stars
  17. Why is my husband so fucking handsome?! 馃槏
  18. Nightly reminder
  19. Three times.
  20. Tengaged officially died when I won stars
  21. I鈥檓 a misunderstood hero.
  22. When you see this
  23. It鈥檚 so hot in my room
  24. Just got my name legally changed
  25. Remember when you got hacked
  26. I remember a long time ago
  27. I鈥檓 joining stars Saturday
  28. Also, you may have banned valia
  29. Here鈥檚 a title
  30. pic of me not getting banned
  31. Bryce Aron Max Harper.
  32. Well since
  33. Kyle Schwarber is on steroids
  34. Returning to the Stars house Saturday
  35. Why is everyone blogging about dildos
  36. Just made a new rookies icon (pic)
  37. HR Derby night!
  38. My favorite song
  39. Remember when I leaked your address
  40. Ban multis

this is getting out of hand

8thApr 15, 2018 by maturo
I can only take so much of this shit and apparently I can "dish it but can't take it" I haven't dished anything other than friendly rivalry talk yet robbx2 and rozlyn are sitting around saying they want to rip the hair off my head and are calling my father a pedophile and my mom a whore.

I literally do not understand for the life of me what is propelling all of tengaged to obsess over rozlyn. May we remember the 5k games he has played on tengaged between 2 accounts where he has slandered the name of many tengaged participants and has sent death threats to them while looking their family up on Facebook.

You can bring up my past all you want but people change. Tonight you have shown me that after 7+ years on this website, the both of you remain the same as you were the moment you joined. psychotic.


They're not wrong.
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Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Apr 15, 2018
I never called your mama a whore ? Nor did I call your dad a pedophile. Where are you getting that shit from? Can you stop spreading lies about me ? Also, I never ever said I would rip your hairs off. Maturo.
Sent by RobbX2,Apr 15, 2018
Sent by JustMe,Apr 15, 2018
Maybe your dad should not be a pedo then?
Sent by JakeTheRipper2018,Apr 15, 2018
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