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  1. joining my first stars tonight
  3. oh my
  4. feeling horny tonight
  5. any1 selling ts? xD
  6. 9th comment gets a gift
  7. 1st comment gets a gift
  8. making a vlog
  9. idk about you
  10. hey...
  11. Selfie (haven’t posted one in a while)
  12. Me at the tattoo parlor
  13. me getting a tattoo on my ankle
  14. Goodnight everyone.
  15. If I’m being honest
  16. I have landed safely
  17. What’s your biggest regret in life so far?
  18. It’s kinda weird
  19. send me a tutorial on how to be a man
  21. I’m not straight
  22. I’ll joke with you about almost anything
  23. At least...
  24. Live pic of me rigging ORGs
  25. Evicting the person my ex friends are rooting for
  26. wow cute
  27. Is it bad
  28. Ok Sam
  29. HOOK EM
  30. Shoutout to the 8 of you
  31. I’ll pay someone
  32. I’m guilty
  34. No longer friends
  35. This is my first blog today
  36. What’s worse?
  37. Madeline “Madi” “Coltrane” Pati.
  38. Need a new #7 friend
  39. Really, Trevor?
  40. I love myself so much

you asked for my skype the other night

Mar 6, 2018 by maturo
so here it is...

add me to your skype call and bully me or do whatever you were planning on doing xd danger


I was actually gonna talk to you and see if you could apologize for bullying a 15 year old so I wouldn’t hate you.

I don’t bully people on Skype, this isn’t 2011.
Sent by Danger,Mar 6, 2018
alright well if you still wanna talk then you have my skype!
Sent by maturo,Mar 6, 2018
It's funny cuz when I had drama with obey danger asked me for my skype account lol then once I gave it to him he never talked to me again ... is there some sort of connection here??? Then a day later obey posted my skype profile picture
Sent by Jayglezst,Mar 6, 2018
jayglezst girl I have never spoken to obey in my life lol. Plus if you’ve never done anything to me I would never be mean to you
Sent by Danger,Mar 6, 2018

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