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  1. I’d respect you
  2. EVAA1996.
  3. Really Leah? Knocking me when I'm down, crying,..
  4. If I take a picture of my ding-a-ling
  5. I’m super horny
  6. You are fat
  7. who tf
  8. My favorite character from friends
  9. “Hacked”
  10. malachite oh five
  11. Haven’t bought ts in a week
  12. 15th blog about ItsAlexia
  13. At McDonald’s
  14. Whichever tengager
  16. Sending my nudes out on snap
  17. Incase anyone is wondering
  18. My snap is alwys open
  19. Do u like me?
  20. Anybody wanna see me naked?
  21. I’m naked from the waist down.
  22. Sorry for quitting your Skype game
  23. Chia Pets are a rip-off
  24. Morning all
  25. Where is the POV comp?
  26. No title
  27. ELI “ORTIZ”
  28. I’m horny
  29. Word on the street
  30. (Pic of me taking my meds)
  31. Charity para littlemix
  32. Damnit!
  33. I saw that
  35. Mountain Dieu frat
  36. Doesn’t matter the time of day
  37. The houseguest to be banished, is....
  38. Added nathanmizelle on facebook
  39. Pic of coreyants tonight
  40. Support me in stars tomorrow

should I move away from my home

Feb 20, 2018 by maturo
there's something that hurts me so much irl and i have to look at it every single damn day and its come to the point where I literally throw up everytime I look at it

what do I do


I'm sorry :( I'm here if you need to talk
Sent by thewolfman,Feb 20, 2018
u can talk to me about it at any time Joe ily <33333
Sent by peace123,Feb 20, 2018

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