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  1. My thoughts on the drama
  2. Question
  3. Are you pro-frooks or are you wrong?
  4. also im too lazy to find gifters
  5. The classic jenzie
  6. Imagine this
  7. why is RoboZoe
  8. 2nd comment
  9. 5th person to comment
  10. 8th comment receives a gift
  11. First person to comment gets a gift
  12. We love people who evict me in stars
  13. Who is anonymous
  14. ty friends
  15. Remember when I got 16th
  16. Who wants this...
  17. We can confirm
  19. joey65409’s speech
  20. Little birdie told me
  21. plus if im fat
  22. who needs gifters???
  23. Nightly reminder
  24. multi usage sounds unfair
  25. What is a multi?
  26. anybody want this classic jersey?
  27. any girls wanna date?
  28. please unban michaelf1114
  29. I have a shop
  30. Have we met?
  31. Pls check mails
  32. Anybody want a gift this week?
  33. Back to work
  34. What do
  35. Posted 100 ts
  36. Goodnight
  37. what team
  38. See you on the left side tengaged!
  39. tengaged should have a bad sport lobby
  40. eliortiz1234

brandt is 3rd wheeling on call

Feb 8, 2018 by maturo
anybody want to be added to be his date?


If his sister comes
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 8, 2018

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