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  1. I'm gonna try to log out again
  2. Don't call my name, don't call my name
  3. Add for add anyone??....
  5. oh yes
  6. Hi...
  7. i have 450.0 t's
  9. finally out of jail?
  10. as little as one dollar...
  11. Connor now I know, I was wrong.
  12. I have 150$ in my wallet
  13. u rock
  14. anybody wanna date?
  15. Seriously, tengaged?
  16. I’m sad
  17. Pedro now I know, I was wrong.
  18. Seriously, tengaged?
  19. a man.
  20. Is there anyone out there
  21. Goodnight tengaged
  22. me in frooks
  23. anybody wanna call and discuss our feelings?
  24. pedro im sorry i neglected you
  25. Tengaged things that I take seriously
  26. really, halloween?
  27. remember when I logged out?
  28. Unpopular Opinion
  29. happy??? birthday to me...
  30. It’s my birthday
  31. I pay for friends on tengaged
  32. HES BACK
  33. seriously, tengaged?
  34. really, batya?
  35. Twice.
  36. whenever I am depressed or lonely
  37. joining stars tomorrow on my birthday
  38. yikes
  39. better hope u post when im offline
  40. anybody wanna chit chat?

I have one spot open on my gift list

Feb 7, 2018 by maturo
its a rly gay design so idk who would want it...


Sent by ChubbyHuggs,Feb 7, 2018
Me since im your sheep and a noob
Sent by Arizona_,Feb 7, 2018
Me since im your sheep and a noob
Sent by Kelly0412,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by IceQueen2,Feb 7, 2018
Also because I take tengaged very seriously
Sent by Arizona_,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by paul028,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 7, 2018
your bf should be getting one, so me
Sent by joaovictor,Feb 7, 2018
me joe :)
Sent by LoveLife,Feb 7, 2018

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