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  1. I, Joe/Maturo
  2. Just woke up from a 10 min nap
  3. i miss u so much...
  4. designs by Halloween
  5. just asked a girl out
  6. wearing black to show my support.
  7. stars 989
  8. In other news
  9. is anybody surprised
  10. who is supporting me tonight
  11. who is joining stars with me today?
  12. i have mathboys personal info
  13. goodnight tengaged
  14. remember when
  15. greatest song lyrics of this decade
  16. survivor legend?
  17. A design has entered shops
  18. anybody here have a friend
  19. being named wakiza cost me my education
  20. can i touch your hair?
  21. wait...
  22. piece123 and bamold19999
  23. Remember when
  24. Yikes
  25. Just sent my nudes
  26. Can somebody call me an Uber
  27. Hey best friend
  28. Really?
  29. remind me again
  30. I take tengaged very seriously.
  31. I am F to M transgender.
  32. haha nice skechers
  33. my reaction to the "gun law"
  34. This is the last time I'm talking about you
  35. Really, Nichole?
  36. i hate tribe swaps
  37. never logging on this website again
  38. I understand she won the amazing race
  39. YES
  40. addressing maybelline's vlog

School Subject you’re horrible at

Feb 6, 2018 by maturo
maturo - math, science, English, foreign language, history, psychology, sociology, PE, choir, band, lunch.. basically the whole enchilada


I feel like PE would be your strength
Sent by astone929,Feb 6, 2018
It was before I gained all this weight astone929
Sent by maturo,Feb 6, 2018

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