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PYN for an honest opinion.

13thJan 15, 2018 by maturo
I am very bored so I will do them all!

judi - I don't see you around that much anymore and it is very upsetting because you are extremely entertaining and I enjoy talking to you!

arris - I don't think we really got along that well up until recently when we had a heart to heart about personal stuff! I really enjoyed that conversation and I hope we can talk more in the future since you are a really nice down to earth guy!

brayden_ - The true definition of a misunderstood hero... I don't understand why people dislike you when you are literally so funny. You're the type of troll I aspire to be!

electric - You're the coolest 15 year old on the block.. I remember when we first went on call and your ass was a squeaker and then when we talked again one day you woke up and sounded like a grown ass man. I can go to you for everything and you always know what to say. Calls with you are so fun because you always leave me laughing my ass off. I miss talking to you on an everyday basis and I am really glad you came back to tengaged!

goodkaren - If I am being honest, I don't believe in the whole "nice girl" act. I think it is all fake. Cheers to you though for being such a sweetheart for the past 3 years you have been on tengaged. It really is hard to keep a straight face on her sometimes and it takes a real person to do that so congratulations!

cornelia - We don't really talk that much anymore and it upsets me because I miss you! It really has been a while since we talked. I hope all is well and life is treating you good. Tell the BF I say hey < 3

deshonbannedisback - our past is v rocky to say the least LOL but I am glad that we are friends and worked passed all that obnoxious bullshit! You are an icon and really really freaking good at stars

lifeiscool - I stan a legend.. You're a nice kid and we talk a little bit. You always ask me for gifts and I feel bad I can't gift you! I will get you one day though, for certain!

masonx - I stan another legend. Girl you are iconic... I haven't seen you around that much lately so I am assuming you went and got a life! HMU sometime because i miss u...

katherinepierce - The best legend of them all. You and I are 2 completely different people but we get along so well and I love it! If you ever need anything, let me know! You have always been so great helping me out when I need something whether its advice or a design being made so its the least I can do :)

joaovictor - It was very fun playing stars with you. I wish I stayed longer for us to talk more! You seem like a very nice person! Message me sometime amigo :)

tennisplayer963 - One of the reasons I join stars is to make friends and I am glad I left this most recent game with a new friend in you! You're a great guy and we better start talking daily because from the conversations we've had, you're a lot like me and v iconic! Just like I know you will always have my back, I got yours! Stay cool =)

tryandbeatme16 - You often come and go from tengaged but never forget that we are always going to be friends! Life gets hard sometimes man but I am always here for you like you were for me! I hope everything is going well for you right now :)

iivoloxity - I think we played a frooks together once and talked a little bit after it. You are a legend! I stan you.

ronnie336 - uh.. hey? Never thought I would meet some1 with so much class and so much grace and a beautiful personality but then I met you? You're literally everything I have ever wanted and I am so glad you are in my life. I love you so much and I hope nothing ever changes that

question - I am sorry about everything that happened a few months ago.. I shouldn't have ended out friendship over something so dumb. You're a real true friend and I love ya bro. I am always here for you and I hope you never forget that!

plsnokillme - I do not know whos multi you are but when I find out, I am gonna give you a pat on the back because you're funny as fuck LOL

jouix - I stan a joe legend... We talked a tiny bit back on #TheJoe but then you left for a year or so and I never saw you again.. Until you returned! You're a nice guy and I love your competing shops because the old designs are iconic!!! If you have any PNGs that you wanna hook me up with then lmk because I want some oldies


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