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  1. hahahahaahha
  3. The best part of tengaged
  4. Guys I think my thumb fell off
  5. Idk what’s worse
  6. Fairly Odd Parents Spoilers [OMG]
  7. I miss you so much
  8. Just negged
  9. Can anybody call me an Uber
  10. Imagine ever using a multi
  11. Whos joining stars with me today?
  12. You guys not friends this week?
  13. i may be late to the party
  14. imagine thinking
  15. I just won 500$ on a scratch ticket
  16. anybody want a gift?
  17. Just hired a maid
  18. coltrane said his first words!
  19. never mind
  21. Who wants a gift..?
  23. who wants a gift from tomorrows shop...
  24. who wants to design some items for me
  25. It’s all starting to make sense
  26. Why are people gifting
  27. really, FedEx?
  28. Why Do You Type Like This
  29. Who is joining banned stars
  30. Why is my husband so fucking handsome?! 😍
  31. Nightly reminder
  32. Three times.
  33. Tengaged officially died when I won stars
  34. I’m a misunderstood hero.
  35. When you see this
  36. It’s so hot in my room
  37. Just got my name legally changed
  38. Remember when you got hacked
  39. I remember a long time ago
  40. I’m joining stars Saturday

Never mind

Jan 3, 2018 by maturo
This is my last blog on the matter

It’s 2:45 in the morning and I’m fighting with a psycho keyboard warrior who thinks they are high and mighty behind a computer screen. I’m the actual idiot

This whole debacle started because I was “bullying” and I’ve since stopped. Now it’s your turn to stop.You’re becoming exactly what you spend countless hours trying to prevent. You have the suicide hotline on your profile yet it’s people like you who make others suicidal and want to hurt themselves. You’re a bully.

Leave me alone, what do you want from me? obey_me


you've opened pandora's box now you're both gonna have to argue on the blogs page for the whole of 2018
Sent by BengalBoy,Jan 3, 2018

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