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  1. James Stephen "Murr" Murray
  2. Wow @ the red level
  3. Honestly I played HQ once
  4. I Stan
  5. I'm naked from the waist down
  6. its so cute
  7. through all of this
  8. I really do love it
  9. 0 min
  10. Just went back and negged
  11. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #5
  12. I take tengaged very seriously.
  13. bye guys
  14. gift me the IceBeast eyes
  15. imagine being fat and ugly! LOL!!!!
  16. why are people in the pollbox
  17. B R O K E N
  18. imagine pretending to be a girl
  19. Just played find me on a phone
  20. James S. “Murr” Murray.
  21. anybody wanna call and discuss our feelings?
  22. :}
  23. I received this beautiful hat
  24. I found the bush
  25. I got 4th in a group game yesterday
  26. What is Brxan's favorite type of shoe?
  28. I just ate subway
  29. If I may, I'd like to add my two cents
  30. wait a minute
  31. I'm Depressed.
  32. somebody select my deal case
  34. im outta here
  35. Cutch is on his way to SF
  36. PYN for an honest opinion.
  37. pic of me sneezing
  38. imagine playing 969 games
  39. James Stephen “Murr” Murray.
  40. I love my Brazilian friends

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

Jan 3, 2018 by maturo
We're gonna turn it on
We're gonna bring you the power
We're gonna light up the dark of night like the
brightest day in a whole new way
We're gonna turn it on
We're gonna bring you the power
It's coming down the lines, strong as they can be through the courtesy of The Electric Company
The Electric Company
The Electric Company

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