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  1. my favorite gore gif
  3. I've had the same #1 friend for the past year
  4. Charity = Successful
  5. 3 more for my charity
  6. im having a charity soon
  7. um hey we haven't called in days
  8. I really want a gift
  9. proud of you
  10. PYN for an honest opinion.
  11. Apparently
  12. if you are gonna message my family
  13. If you're gonna spam
  14. aw...
  15. I’m literally Brxan
  17. Really, Anthony?
  18. pyn for an opinion
  19. Please dismantle me
  20. Wow @ the red level
  21. Honestly I played HQ once
  22. I Stan
  23. I'm naked from the waist down
  24. its so cute
  25. through all of this
  26. I really do love it
  27. 0 min
  28. Just went back and negged
  29. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #5
  30. I take tengaged very seriously.
  31. bye guys
  32. gift me the IceBeast eyes
  33. imagine being fat and ugly! LOL!!!!
  34. why are people in the pollbox
  35. B R O K E N
  36. imagine pretending to be a girl
  37. Just played find me on a phone
  38. James S. “Murr” Murray.
  39. anybody wanna call and discuss our feelings?
  40. :}


Jan 1, 2018 by maturo
obey_me you come onto every morning with 3 goals in mind

A) How can I be a teachers pet to randomize today
B) How can I convince people I am a female today
C) How can I bully maturo & others today

You can call me a bully because yes, I am. You can make a complete fool of yourself and type up an essay with multiple spelling errors and the use of "bully" 3 times per sentence explaining how I am a bully.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING will change the fact that you have done all of these things

A) made fun of my appearance
B) spammed me out of stars
C) messaged my friends and family on my facebook

Please, go on and deny the fact that you've done that and try to keep up your PERFECT female persona of "Holly" Get all your friends to neg this blog but it won't take away from the truth.

You are a vile and pathetic individual who doesn't know his brain from his asshole. Keep messaging other peoples friends and family on facebook and then play the victim when you get caught! Keep making fun of others appearances and then deny it to make yourself look good and keep trying to be a teachers pet to a teacher who gave up on this website 3 years ago!

thank u and goodnight


she bullied me, calling me a "Yoan Moncada"
Sent by BengalBoy,Jan 1, 2018

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