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I've played stars

Dec 31, 2017 by maturo
with both brxan and scooby0000 and let me tell ya

if I was forced to choose one of them to play with again, I would probably choose #scooby0000

scooby gets nominated and cries for like 5 minutes but then he gets over it and then goes offline for the day

brxan will see that he is nominated, confront everyone and say "never talk to me again" and then he will come back online 35 minutes later begging for everybody to forgive him. Then he will contact paypal and complain that he is nominated in stars. Then he will go and join 11 frookies in a day. Then he will spend the last hour and a half trying to get the only 2 people in the game who DIDN'T nominate him nominated. All while being at 0 min

I'd much rather deal with scooby


Happy new years buddy
Sent by cocacola__96,Dec 31, 2017
Sent by Typhlosion37,Dec 31, 2017
Then he will contact paypal and complain that he is nominated in stars.

Sent by ShadowBaller000,Dec 31, 2017

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