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  1. um hey we haven't called in days
  2. I really want a gift
  3. proud of you
  4. PYN for an honest opinion.
  5. Apparently
  6. if you are gonna message my family
  7. If you're gonna spam
  8. aw...
  9. I’m literally Brxan
  11. Really, Anthony?
  12. pyn for an opinion
  13. Please dismantle me
  14. Wow @ the red level
  15. Honestly I played HQ once
  16. I Stan
  17. I'm naked from the waist down
  18. its so cute
  19. through all of this
  20. I really do love it
  21. 0 min
  22. Just went back and negged
  23. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #5
  24. I take tengaged very seriously.
  25. bye guys
  26. gift me the IceBeast eyes
  27. imagine being fat and ugly! LOL!!!!
  28. why are people in the pollbox
  29. B R O K E N
  30. imagine pretending to be a girl
  31. Just played find me on a phone
  32. James S. “Murr” Murray.
  33. anybody wanna call and discuss our feelings?
  34. :}
  35. I received this beautiful hat
  36. I found the bush
  37. I got 4th in a group game yesterday
  38. What is Brxan's favorite type of shoe?
  40. I just ate subway

Imagine being 55

Dec 31, 2017 by maturo
and making personal attacks towards somebody who is 35 years younger than you and throwing around his personal information like its the first time its ever been leaked.

go out and enjoy your new years eve starysky because it may be your last :s


im r for the 11 comments in a row telling me to buttfuck my action figure and calling me pathetic
Sent by maturo,Dec 31, 2017
buttfuck your action figure
Sent by Marktint_1,Dec 31, 2017
I mean, what made star react that way?
Sent by mocallio,Dec 31, 2017
i called her out for cheating on a blog LOL mocallio
Sent by maturo,Dec 31, 2017
go fuck your Darth Vadar action figure
Sent by JelloShooter,Dec 31, 2017

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