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imageIt’s never easy to witness a false fact. It’s never easy to dribble the ball back. So I dribbled to scribble through all of that, dunking hope against hope I call this- this very moment. I came into this house as a woman of integrity and I will leave this house as a woman of integrity. I think most people know that deep down in their hearts that I do not deserve to be evicted tonight; however— I mean, my own team betrayed me. HOWEVER, if that becomes my reality, I want to say “Thank you” to God. I LOVE you, Jesus! And I want to say “Thank you” to CBS and the Big Brother family. This has been an incredible experience. I am beyond grateful. Um, If I have offended, wronged, or wrongfully accused anyone in anyway, I’m sorry and I ask for your forgiveness. For those of you out there listening, no matter who turned their back on you, you rise up in strength, you persevere, you stay true to who you are, and you hold on to your faith. I love you all. HAVE a great summer! Deuces!

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T$ for a Cure - 25% off AND you can gift friends! Sep 15, 2020
imageAvailable for a limited time only! THANK YOU for letting me do this, randomize!

Buy T$ and help a great cause! Tengaged is proud to team up with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training (www.teamintraining.org) program to offer discount T$ for a limited time only.
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Use the link on your profile that says "Need some T$? - Team in Training" (if the link is gone, that means the sale is complete!

The sale is over, but because a few people asked, here's the direct link to my fundraising page if anyone still wants to give out of the goodness of their hearts (no more T$, sorry!):

About Team in Training:
The Team in Training program prepares both experienced and novice athletes for endurance events including, marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons, and more. While training for these events, Teammates also raise funds for the LLS and provide support to Honored Teammates (local blood cancer patients) as well as Team Heroes (individuals that Teammates compete in honor of). Team in Training has chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as some in other countries. If you're interested in getting involved with your local chapter, visit teamintraining.org or contact me!

Tengaged and the LLS thank you for your support!

Thank you list: http://www.tengaged.com/blog/NoelSarah/4142921/t-cure-thank-you-list
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the way i bought Sep 15, 2020
my ipad air 2 6 YEARS AGO and it still works & its compatible with the upcoming ios version too... the only apple purchase i made that is worth it methinks
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jessem winning this stars Sep 13, 2020
WAS my 9/11... we had victims testifying left and right about his harassment towards minors and he stilll pulled it off. i hate yall

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*puts on my girls' generation genie outfit* Sep 13, 2020
has anybody tried the GENIE by GIRLS' GENERATION? i thought the GENIE by GIRLS' GENERATION was lovely

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i have played like Sep 13, 2020
100 hunger games on this godforsaken website and i have NEVER gotten 30th. if i ever get 30th i think i will have a breakdown and quit the site
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