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been in a manic depressive episode

Apr 15, 2022 by mathboy9
imagefor like 3 days now... not feeling her. i should probably get tested for bpd since like half my family has it but im too MANIC and DEPRESSED to do that rn


Sent by YasGaga,Apr 15, 2022
Sent by YasGaga,Apr 15, 2022
It’s not like a blood test, just Google it and see if u have da symptoms and then get on some lithium
Sent by salmaan,Apr 15, 2022
omg she’s MANIC and DEPRESSED you guys…
Sent by turkeylover,Apr 15, 2022
I really knoq how it feels Im so sorry I hope you feel better :(
Sent by _Finesse,Apr 15, 2022
salmaan oh shows how much i know
turkeylover yes i made sure EVERYBODY knows so they can give me attention
Sent by mathboy9,Apr 15, 2022
_finesse thank you love i appreciate it <33333333 im grateful somebody knows
Sent by mathboy9,Apr 16, 2022
I’m not sure if your family having it means you might have it. I’m pretty sure it’s caused by trauma. But let me know how it goes bc I’ve been thinking about getting assessed too
Sent by Fetish,Apr 16, 2022

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