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my youtube recommendations

Jan 8, 2022 by mathboy9
have been forever tainted by clips with the “stan twitter:” prefix that are 1) not funny and 2) not from stan twitter (though most of the time that’s for the best). I cannot be the only one with this issue… maybe youtube has pegged me as a basic gay but I will lose my mind if I see another quirky out of context encanto clip with stan twitter in the title


before you ask… yes this is that serious of an issue
Sent by mathboy9,Jan 8, 2022
I’m happy for you or sorry that happened
Sent by Roxas546,Jan 8, 2022
no literally the same... I have a bunch of TFT vids , Stan Twitter vids, a random kpop comeback , and typically like 2 funny charli xcx videos or interviews will pop up
Sent by top20fan33,Jan 8, 2022
top20fan33 the way mine is the exact same (except for tft… aged like milk)
Sent by mathboy9,Jan 8, 2022
im a victim of this too

and twitch streamer highlight clips
Sent by Yaxha,Jan 8, 2022

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