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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

the special games could take 3 days to fill

Oct 17, 2021 by mathboy9
and somebody would run onto the blogs page complaining that they didnt get advance notice for the game before their week-long nature retreat


this doesnt even make sense but its funny 2 me
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 17, 2021
R u high
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Oct 17, 2021
Omg the condom avi
Sent by disneygeek,Oct 17, 2021
georgeflair no im just bored
disneygeek its high fashion
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 17, 2021
this feels targeted towards me but it's funny LMAO
Sent by Maxchaos,Oct 17, 2021
maxchaos ALKDSJF it was partially but i also wasnt checking names
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 17, 2021

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