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q for my autistic gworls

Oct 8, 2021 by mathboy9
when do you tell people you're on the spectrum / do you tell people at all? i feel like im decent at 'masking' it but there usually comes a point in my relationships where i get comfortable enough to stop caring about appearing "normal" but i still never tell anybody about my diagnosis out of fear that i'll be ostracized for... whatever reason. i guess i just don't want to be seen as any different?? but at the same time... i feel like im exhibiting behavior that makes sense if ppl know im autistic but comes off as weird if i assume im neurotypical.  im much better at being myself online but im terrible with non verbal communication so i come off much worse in person LOL

this is not the right place to ask this but this is my largest soapbox and its something thats been on my mind. even if you arent autistic any advice is appreciated but i dont think ive ever addressed a question specifically to the community and i know theres tons of us on here cause we're all socially awkward!


I relate on the Neurodivergent aspect and not wanting to be outcasted for not being able to always be up to "societal norms". I don't quite have advice though love, I'm sorry. I hope someone can give you an answer <3 Remember that you have worth and you're extremely talented <3
Sent by Roxas546,Oct 8, 2021
my brother is too deep onto the spectrum to even acknowledge that he has something, if anything my parents and I are the social life for him, but I hope we can get him to go further
Sent by Times_Places,Oct 8, 2021
people usually assume i’m fuckin weird because im foreign anyway
Sent by Yaxha,Oct 8, 2021
roxas546 ohh thank you so much, just hearing reassurance from somebody still makes a difference and I wish the best for you too. this is appreciated so much
times_places the way that used to be me... wishing the best for ur brother
yaxha LOOOOL
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 8, 2021
bestie if they treat you different bc of stuff like this, they arent your friend x i wouldnt have treated you any different if you didnt tell me, just see you for who you are and everyone else should too ❤️
Sent by hausofkimchi,Oct 8, 2021
If they ask. Many times I haven't had to tell anyone. They already know.
Sent by Thirteen,Oct 8, 2021

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