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1stDec 28, 2019 by mathboy9
i almost forgot but today marks my 5th year on this hellscape!! this site and the wonderful and entertaining people i've met thanks to it have truly enriched my life and even though i've wasted countless hours that i can't get back on here... i feel it was worth it all things considered l0l

i started on here at age 13 as a homeschooled nerd with no friends who didn't know how to socialize... and i'm still the same 5 years later (i am busier though... i just finished my first semester of college 馃コ). regardless i've grown in big ways thanks to tg and everything i've gone through in my sad virtual life! i've had some incredible times on here and while tengaged is a shell of its former self i still come on here to remind myself of when tengaged was a light in an otherwise very dark period of my life. if my cousin miss kayleighwinz never linked me here idk where i'd be today honestly.

i want to say thanks to the first community on here that embraced me and the first skyoe chat i was in was the real fakes. i will aways remember fighting randoms on call with #kelly0412 #brandt69 and #notnicky333 and all the fun we had and the countless nights up until 4am playing roblox <3

i also want to give a shoutout to s club (fka the black widows) for introducing me to some the craziest, funniest, and most entertaining people i've ever encountered. i've been in the widows for most of my tengaged career throughout its various iterations and i am so thankful that i begged to be added like 4 years ago. even though we constantly bicker and r all mentally ill and dysfunctional i really believe we are a family at the end of the day. we also hold the record of being the only relevant tengaged chat to successfully transition to discord (the superior platform) so slay

anyway even though tengaged sucks now i still love u all and wish only the best for everybody. i will not be leaving though i am just melodramatic.

some shoutouts to some of my friends that still remain (in semi-random order):

iamremedy you didn't fit in any of my above rants but i want you to say thank you for being a truly wonderful person and a true friend. we have so much in common and you are such a positive person. i know you barely log on here anymore cause ur doing great things and i'm so happy for you!!
kelly0412 we've been through hell on back on here together but i will always be ur sheep at the end of the day. some of the funniest moments of my life have been either with u or were caused by u so thanks for the memories (by fall out boy)
goodkaren your unrelenting positivity is sooo admirable. i wondered if one day you'd crack but you never did and are one of my favorite tengaged personalities of all time. miss talking to ya
ribbons thank u for being my mentally ill jewish pen pal. we have so much in common and u never fail to make me die laughing over the peculiar things u say. stan elohim
mastropola my binb partner in crime. the skinniest person i know. my token disney channel friend. the best person to talk to at 7am when there's nothing else happening and we r the only ones cracked enough to be awake. a true connoisseur of 2000's culture and a master of manipulation. thank you for everything (footnote: rest in peace to the king of s club and our hearts, scooter <3)
melindamrskk an absolute sweetheart that i never message for some reason IM SORRY but hopefully you know its not intentional
iivoloxity sooo underrated on here. ur so funny and i miss talking and playing roblox with u. i want the best for u and hope ur slaying uni
notnicky333 please stop making tiktoks. i say this with ur best interests in mind. ur cracked ily and  miss spending every waking moment playing ripull minigames with u
itsalexia TYLER one of my longest friends on here you are a shops obsessed homosexual but so am i so it is a perfect match. i always appreciate u reaching out to me and we always have good talks ^_^
yasgaga okay you wont see this but ily tythur... the baddest and hardest working bitch i KNOW. get that money im proud of u
absol You dumb fucking cretin, you fucking fool. Absolute fucking buffoon, you bumbling idiot. Fuck you.
MmabatlokoaMolefe king of trivia and wawa mac 'n' cheese. a tengaged LEGEND and i still can't believe we ended up being friends after u made me cry in my first stars by saying i was lying about taking college-level microeconomics.
#bomberv you wont see this but i miss you king and i'm so proud of you for slaying law school
britishromeo17 we've always connected on a SPIRITUAL level. thank u for being woke and hilarious womeo
notafraid for checking up on me at the best times and always being up to chat about whatever
delete2544 for hanging out with my sorry ass AND for having excellent music taste
eilish the one consistent thing in my life for the past 5 years is that you'll log on everyday and cause some drama on here. king
petro for letting me be ur pet noob back in the day and being a wonderful friend... <3
kinggeek thank u for always being by my side. we truly are kicking life's ass right now and i'm so thankful to have you as a friend as you are the most EFFORTLESSLY funny person i've ever met. i'm so excited for you to be as successful as you deserve to be
alexavontrayne an excellent admin of s club and purveyor of amazing music taste. i am so thankful to have been in the kpop chat and a loonatic at the same time as you... what a legendary era
maturo im pretty sure ur the only straight male on this list. u used to bully me on thejoe but had a REDEMPTION arc and ur basically my honorary older brother now
zachbbs / itsaustin my minnesotan stoner kings
batya i forgot you last time SORRY. you are the most homosexual person i know and it's really funny ^_^ ur thot stories r very entertaining
mradamman12 for being my first tengaged meetup (don't think i forgot you made fun of the way i walked i have FUCKED UP HAMSTRINGS okay). i remember we were always fighting over who'd get to 50 gifts first and now see where we are
isandeh tea.mp4
bigdizzleyomama the nerd of s club and RP legend. sorry for always attacking u but ur an easy target. much love
katarinaducouteau our bulgarian pop girl stanning and shops drama was so legendary. u have bad taste in the kpop chat but it's okay i forgive u
masonx u dont talk to me anymore but you deserve a shoutout for being the first person to send me love cherry motion. i'd already heard singing in the rain but i didnt know about the pre-debut project so u really changed the game <3 u were also one of my main shop consultants so thx
lalisa i know a lot of psycho orbits but u probably take the cake (in the best way). also ur accent is funny haw haw

and shoutout to the many others who i've connected with that i didn't tag/forgot to tag/have left tg 馃挄馃挄


I snapped happy 5 year baby
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I am an easy target i get it
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I plussed and am at a loss for a witty comment so imma just say love u mean it xx
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happy 5 year anniv loveeeeee <3333
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YAY :)
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i love u rat
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log the fuck off!
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Why does it feel like you've been on tengaged since 2010 ?
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yas icon
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ayyy, go sis!!
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Hey! I鈥檓 hosting my first ever big brother game! Would love to see if you be interested in joining. Don鈥檛 forget to spread the word!

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Congrats hun!!! <3
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congrats on finishing your first semester :) and happy 5-T anniversary
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mathboy9 omg that was so thoughtful thank you <3
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