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sorry for being hung up on this

Nov 16, 2019 by mathboy9

but im really confused akeria why is it okay that a non-black person said the n word cause they said it to you??? ur justifications dont make any sense... before anybody comes @ me cause my friends have said racist things in the past I KNOW but i dont endorse it nor do i waste my time trying to say the n word isnt bad because 'IM WHITE AND WASNT OFFENDED BY IT'!


I had to plus.
Sent by Eilish,Nov 16, 2019
Sent by maturo,Nov 16, 2019
What are you talking about?

I didn't say I supported them for saying the N word. I said I didn't CARE. I'm not even friends with Chic, she's a grown woman and she can say what she wants. Eilish said that if I didn't make blogs against Chic that I was also racist. I'm 19, I have a uni life and I'm not going to spend my life making blogs against people for saying stupid shit online.

Plus, Chic acknowledged her mistake. And Quite frankly, I don't give a fuck and I don't think she's racist either.
Sent by Akeria,Nov 16, 2019
That’s really not the point of his blog lol
Sent by Minie,Nov 16, 2019
I never once said if Akeria didnt make blogs he was racist when he can find a screenshot of me saying it lmk
Sent by Eilish,Nov 16, 2019
Eilish girl shut the fuck up
Sent by Akeria,Nov 16, 2019
akeria okay its not ur place to say u dont care ^_^ but aside from that i see ur point even if i dont have any experience with bryan making me blog things LOL. thank you for at least giving me an answer
Sent by mathboy9,Nov 16, 2019
mathboy9 I'm sorry, I phrased that wrong. I do care, I just don't feel its my place to call it out every time it happened. I don't appreciate being called a racist because someone I'm friends with said the N word whilst I was asleep.

Like for example, I've seen halloween say the N word, but I would never call *you* a racist and force you to end your friendship with dylan mathboy9, because I know you're not responsible for what he does. (Nothing agianst Halloween btw, I've come to like him recently).
Sent by Akeria,Nov 16, 2019

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