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  1. been working on this essay
  2. 蹫 (gift giveaway) (real) (not fake)
  3. can the next music trend to come back be
  4. isnt this moneyneil
  5. why is this a top blog??
  6. the public really is saving
  7. No title
  8. thank u homosexuals
  9. I can't believe
  10. i feel even more embarassed
  11. me when im picked last for dodgeball
  12. RIP GOO HARA </3
  13. Finally found out who鈥檚 hacking me
  14. OMG ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!1!1!11!1!!
  15. who can i buy a shop off of
  16. my favorite album of the year is
  17. YESS i registered for all my classes in time
  18. when ur last 7 blogs
  19. sorry for being hung up on this
  20. megan thee stallion
  21. these bottoms need to stop putting 'vers'
  22. NONE of my 3 classes took attendance today
  23. to the people who left
  24. have any of yall ever considered
  26. im very close to 5000 artists scrobbled
  27. the fucking DRAMATICS
  28. 3rd and final midterm DONE!! 馃コ馃コ
  29. this scene of phineas and ferb makes me SOB
  30. No title
  31. wheres the INTERESTING drama?
  32. stream AOTY
  33. why did i just pay
  34. you can delete the blog i commented on but
  35. and i'm thinking what everybody's thinking
  36. rest in peace sulli <3
  37. anyway
  38. halloween sheep is such an ANTIQUATED term
  39. sometimes i think about
  40. girl just leave already

no im never giving you song suggestions again

Jul 8, 2019 by mathboy9
i posted MASTERPIECES and they got overshadowed by eminem some 3 year old edm song and some dua lipa clone made in a lab fighterman


stay pressed and obsessed!
(also idt he was talking about that post)
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Jul 8, 2019
LMAO all 4 songs he posted were better than the two u posted tho...
Sent by FighterMan,Jul 8, 2019

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