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why do yall care so much

Jul 3, 2019 by mathboy9
about what somebody identifies as?? it doesnt affect you in the slightest. if somebody identifies as non binary why should you care? oh i get it cause you want to be edgy on the blogs page for attention


Right this is so true? Like i get that people disagree but literally people with that view are literally so bitchy about it and its just annoying
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jul 3, 2019
They wanted attention for a controversial opinion and let's not give them it.
0 votes plz
Sent by KelvinKumbie,Jul 3, 2019
No but it's a serious issue when expressing that there are only 2 genders gets you attacked and people come at you, do you realize that in some places, refusing to acknowledge some ridiculous third gender can be considered a hate crime?

I'm not trying to be edgy or drag anyone down, I fully support trans people, but I do not believe in shit like agender, non-binary, and all the other ridiculous things that come along with it
Sent by winner132,Jul 3, 2019

you are the cis retard i am referring to, watch the video winner132
Sent by HighNoon,Jul 3, 2019
winner132 " do you realize that in some places, refusing to acknowledge some ridiculous third gender can be considered a hate crime?" this is a complete lie and you know it. i want a source

and its okay if you dont believe in those things but being actively against it and talking about your opinion every moment u get can make u look like an asshole.
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 3, 2019
mathboy9 Canada comes to the top of my head, there was a bill passed which actually made the incessant misgendering of a person a hate crime and you can be brought before a human rights tribunal for it
Sent by winner132,Jul 3, 2019
girl stop listening to jordan peterson, it's really ugly winner132
Sent by HighNoon,Jul 3, 2019
winner132 Does the bill legislate the use of certain language? And could someone go to jail for using the wrong pronoun?

In the Criminal Code, which does not reference pronouns, Cossman says misusing pronouns alone would not constitute a criminal act.

“The misuse of gender pronouns, without more, cannot rise to the level of a crime,” she says. “It cannot rise to the level of advocating genocide, inciting hatred, hate speech or hate crimes … (it) simply cannot meet the threshold.”
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 3, 2019

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