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  1. Watching big mouth for the 1000th time
  2. it’s kind of funny
  3. FROOKS??
  4. another year
  5. I’m really proud
  6. that lil dicky song
  7. my new favorite drink is
  8. wrong account boo
  9. also
  10. should i take a year off
  11. YES
  12. why are the gemma eyes
  13. who wants 2 commit tax fraud with me...
  14. anyway
  15. never seen somebody
  16. No title
  17. oh yes i forgot
  18. were you not the one
  19. so who da fuck is this
  20. Greetings, Tengaged.
  21. im still mad
  22. YES YES YES!!!
  23. im
  24. feeling very britney britney
  25. dae weed?!???!!??!
  26. the time
  27. i kinda won
  28. i would like to thank
  29. when will u come to the realization
  30. Breaking Point
  31. ?
  32. No title
  33. No title
  34. No title
  36. No title
  38. bon bon chocolat
  39. No title

never seen somebody

Mar 20, 2019 by mathboy9
morally grandstand as hard as sam_hamwich is for brittbritt... that boy spends 24/7 defending her on but I’ve never seen her do the same for him. He’s out here talking about how amazing she is but WHERE? WHERE IS SHE TO FIGHT HER OWN BATTLES


oh i love that queen brittany brittany
Sent by Kelly0412,Mar 20, 2019
I mean if me saying she’s not fake and defending a move in a survivor we’re BOTH IN is that bad, I’m sorry? Idk what you want me to do lmfao
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Mar 20, 2019
At work lmao
Sent by BrittBritt,Mar 20, 2019

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