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  1. a press statement from miss alexa von trayne
  2. sooo
  3. never seen somebody
  5. No title
  6. i like how this tagged list
  7. since I want attention
  8. Frankie grande just walked by me
  9. no words
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  11. i cant believe iggy
  12. i just won $98 on a facebook game show
  13. stalling jury in frookies
  14. i have a secret...
  15. people asking a 17 year old
  17. do people still use snapchat
  18. 90's dance music hitting different today
  19. - Abdulla
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  22. stars support
  23. i still cant believe
  24. now that ive attacked half the site
  25. the word loyalty is so overused
  26. is it by mistake or design?
  27. ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭
  28. i want rico nasty
  29. what is this blog
  30. No title
  31. this is still
  32. so was
  33. i still dont know why
  34. OMGGG
  35. did gagaluv
  36. huh
  37. maybe just
  38. city girls
  39. funny how
  40. for every

usps tracking

Jan 14, 2019 by mathboy9
has RUINED me my package is supposed to come today and my whole day is on hold until the mail truck comes and it probably wont even be for another 6 hours


Lol I’m expecting a package ups since January 4th, the shipper only agreed on starting an investigation today 🤮
Sent by BryanXx,Jan 14, 2019

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