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  2. thank you to all the ladies
  3. okay now yall
  4. instagram
  5. what song should be my 66,666th scrobble
  6. dont fall dont fall
  7. i miss genderfaking scandals
  8. it’s gonna be
  9. Elizabeth Fraser
  10. can we shut down the shops game already
  11. does any1 here go to
  12. huh
  13. the only place you'll wanna be
  14. BOTH of the phone chargers i packed
  15. it really is such a struggle
  16. the gays
  17. cause its like
  18. okay but hear me out
  19. i canttttt
  20. I'm stuck on a plane
  21. usps tracking
  22. partition / yonce by beyonce
  23. nice to see
  24. $10 says that
  25. trying to go to the shops page
  27. nominated for 10th in stars ^_^
  28. love u guys & gals
  29. binb? =]
  30. if u joined
  31. No title
  32. Goodbye Sally. It was nice meeting you.
  33. going✈breakdown
  34. im gonna lose it
  36. whats the point of
  37. 1 MO!!!
  38. join my 1000th game crooks =]
  39. +1 for crooks!!
  40. is this supposed to be funny?

No title

Oct 8, 2018 by mathboy9
HOUMA -- A Sunday morning wreck on Interstate 310 led to a flipped vehicle which caused the death of a trapped passenger, State Police said.

Lance Higginbotham, 18, Chauvin, was driving a Chevrolet pickup northbound on the interstate when he hit another Chevrolet truck from the rear, police said. Police suspect he was influenced by alcohol.

Both trucks drove off the road; the second, driven by Herbert Bourgeois, 70, flipped upside down into a ditch, according to police.

Bourgeois and one passenger, Rachel Scoqnamill, 70, LaPlace, were rescued and then taken to area hospitals in serious condition, police said.

But Cecille Bourgeois, 72, Montz, was trapped inside with injuries and pronounced dead at the scene.

Higginbotham was charged with driving under the influence, vehicular homicide and two counts of negligent vehicular injuring.

The results of blood-alcohol tests, required in all fatal wrecks, are not yet complete, according to police.

Police said neither Higginbotham nor his passenger, Kevin Bradley, 19, Houma, reported any injuries.

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