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  1. and it hurts
  2. these tik tok ads on youtube
  3. tiger woods
  4. honestly can we bring back .br
  5. judge judy is a feminist icon
  6. just watched unfriended dark web
  7. remy... mwah
  9. can’t lie
  11. oh wow a legendary song
  12. ooh yes
  13. remember when
  14. if you don’t take ur baths
  15. I took my love, I took it down
  16. bhad bhabies album is actually...
  17. i dont get why people restate
  18. how is there a comment from
  19. namie amuro officially retired yesterday!!
  20. me after posting two designs in my tengaged dot..
  22. so... who is this
  23. i accidentally left
  24. I'm at this weekend retreat
  25. oh my god
  26. chromes new update is so awful
  27. why are people talking about
  28. its really on u
  29. woooo bitch
  30. i be in the boys bathroom like...
  31. hmmmmmm
  32. anyway...
  33. i was trying to fill out a government form
  34. wow mods coming back
  35. i havent seen anybody wearing
  36. keep crying
  37. im still emotional
  38. do you wanna roll with me
  39. imagine having this on your profile
  40. this kinda took me out

okay no1 does these anymore but

14thJul 2, 2018 by mathboy9
pyn for an opinion and a rate 1-10 I'm bored in a hotel room

brxan - ok I'll give you a 7 just because I do believe you have a good heart and I respect you but I just think you get too invested into this site and the drama
jenzie - 8.5 I used to have a problem with you for some reason but idk why because you are so nice and always comment on my stupid ass blogs so ty LOL
drb00m - 5 idk you that well and you didn't plus the blog so I REFUSE to give you anything higher
goodkaren - 10 a true icon in every sense of the word. I've been friends with you since you were a yellow level and it's so cool that we still get along and are still in the same circles
pookiie - 7 I've only seen you around but your about me is so good LOL
mickiejames22 - 5 ur a crackhead and have horrible opinions but I have to respect that you continue posting blogs about random men 10 times a day when they always get ignored
thirteen - 7 do you still hate me? I don't even know LMAO but ur definitely one of the craziest people on tengaged for better or for worse but you are a staple on here
immaxyman - 9 girl wtf it's been ages... I miss you!!!!!
matthew09 7 don't know you that well but ur a Mariah stan so I like you by default
absol 4.20 blaze it haha but seriously ur a GREAT friend to moi and really funny and nice etc ty indigo


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ME! :S
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