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  1. i love how there are
  2. i had a dream
  3. i miss horse ebooks
  4. ppl acting like
  5. oh yay i hit
  6. Thanks for the gifts Carolyn!
  7. printers r my mortal enemy
  8. the dua lipa and blackpink song is out lol
  9. definitely an unpopular opinion
  10. love love love bomb
  11. oh wow
  12. who was this b4
  13. Tinashe got out in DWTS
  14. does this ranking really count
  15. are we still pretending like
  16. Im still laughing at
  17. hows the army
  18. dominos knew what they had to do
  19. sorry but
  20. oh wow i broke 3000 karma
  22. i still cant believe
  23. ur 'not a drag queen'
  24. i have to laugh
  25. gagaluv and her friends getting red nosed
  26. maplestory 2 released for free today
  27. I let him eat the cookie cause it's good for him
  28. you're frozen
  29. hi tengaged
  30. No title
  31. lets not act like
  32. No title
  33. either way
  34. people still use snapchat?
  36. a star is born was amazing
  37. pyn for an opinion
  38. y鈥檃ll need to log off
  39. ray of light by madonna
  40. TSA is so vile

its just so embarassing

May 17, 2018 by mathboy9
how you always play the victim brainjak... you arent the hero of this stars like you seem to think you are nor are you being targeted by the so called 'bullies' LOL i wanted to keep you safe until you started insulting my friends in the main chat and calling nikki101 a slut, hoe and other derogatory things. grow UP


I don't think some people realize being a villain is a bad thing lol
Sent by NoGoodNamesLeft,May 17, 2018
Ooooh you mean after you lied about me made up a false alliance threw out so much bullshit it wasn't even funny and tried to nominate me twice? Yeah such a respectable ally you were. 馃槀
Sent by BrainJak,May 17, 2018
brainjak you seem to be confusing me with somebody else... and regardless its all part of the game GROW UP. the only thing i can understand you getting mad about is ur skype getting spammed but you overreacted to that too jesus christ
Sent by mathboy9,May 17, 2018

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